The Cereal Song (feat. Ian Forsythe)

by RiffShop

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Just a brutal ode to Breakfast Cereal.


Frosted Flakes, Honey comb,
Honey Smacks ,cheerios,

alpha-bits, trix, Krave
cookie crisp, Fruit flakes

Golden Crisp, Cocoa Puffs
Lucky Charms, Grape nuts.

Special K, shredded wheat,
All the carbohydrate treats,

Choco crunch
dino bites
Honey bunches of oats

Lucky charms
special K
honey nut

bran and milk gives me preponderance
ignore the fact that I’m lactose Intolerant

Mix em
all up in a bowl and watch the colors blend, kids. A hundred
fifty grams of sugar fucking load it up bitch.
chug a gallon of milk and then some until I’m queasy
prep the insulin shot and prepare for diabetes

Wheaties – the breakfast of champions_

Gotta go school soon
so I’ll slurp it down q uick
read the back of the box and
learn some random ass shit.

Did you know that
You are 1% taller in the evening
And dolphins sleep with one eye open
Don’t You Believe me?
Get a college education and degree from the top
Or skip it all and read the back of this Cereal box

I would love to see my Cereal cartoon pals
Fight each other to the death in a Battle royale
And after 3 days and nights of war claim who won,
The title of “Strongest under the raisin bran sun”

show me captian
[triplets]crunch dose the quaker in gas. And ignite the Lighter,
the little. Lucky charms leprechaun fighting Tony the Tiger

Show me toucan sam getting defeathered and baked
By none
other than his rival, the Rooster from corn flakes

a forgotten count chocula glares at the sun and he rots
the trix rabbit gets curbed stomped by snap crackle and pop
I cackle and watch how it ends.
Man, I just need some friends.


released April 6, 2017
Ian Forsythe(Cyborg Octopus) - Vocals
David Wu(Cyborg Octopus) - Everything else



all rights reserved


RiffShop San Francisco, California

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